They Go Out In Joy (1A)

He’s crafty, looking for advantage. He follows the others and makes his peace with them but doesn’t like it and the irritation returns. He can’t shake the sense of being taken advantage of, but he’s not sure what to do for himself. Can’t resign himself to his circumstances. He’s very often at home, feeling controlled, waiting to go meet his friends. Sometimes he feels this sensation of craftiness while out with others, but doesn’t think so far as to imagine there'll be greater advantage, out with them, or that he’ll benefit in ways he can’t otherwise. Because it’s the sense of freedom lying elsewhere that draws him forward. He hunts for opportunity while sitting in the shadows, unable to do what he wants. Which doesn’t prevent him from imagining conquests and obstacles. 

He tries to set things up for himself but the thing he sets up isn’t there when he arrives to make the thing happen. The bunny keeps hopping away. It’s a practical problem. He needs to get an edge, being not the brightest. He knows this. It’s a conceptual limitation.